Cutting its way into niche/niche market – Tuatahi

Cutting its way into niche/niche market – Tuatahi

By Peter Kerr for sticK

(sticK – 21 June 2012 ) If to prove the
late Sir Paul Callaghan’s dictum that New Zealand
companies are best playing in niche/niche fields, then
Tuatahi Racing Axes Saws are a case in point.

Masterton-based, globally focused company produces exactly
what its name says, with world champions in both event types
using its specialised products. Tuatahi has the edge over
its competition, and intends maintaining that position says
its office manager, Jo Fawcett.

The seven-person team may
be (re)creating products that have been in use for
centuries, but there’s no shortage of RD into making them
better (and faster for their users).

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