SocialMediadd Starts Building Niche Online Communities for Small Businesses

SocialMediadd is now helping small businesses get big returns from building niche online communities around the needs of their targeted prospects and core processes.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) March 13, 2012

SocialMediadd is a company that has a variety of social media packages to help small businesses take advantage of the social web. They are now offering a new package that builds online communities targeting the key demographics of ideal customers and needs of small businesses.

Before they decided to start offing this package to the public, they did extensive testing with a handful of clients. One of these test clients was PlanetDepos, which is a court reporter and legal videographer services company. SocialMediadd found a need for court reporters community to meet and share information. Within a year of the launch, more than 12% of all court reporters had become a member of the niche community site. This gave PlanetDepos a major competitive edge in a market that relied extensively on finding freelance court reporters to fill jobs.

Another test client, that owns a background screening company, had a community built around their target prospect. This led SocialMediadd to create the “Human Resource Executives Social Network.” The background screening company was advertised within the network where the key decision makers spend their time interacting.

Since the creation of the internet, niche forums have received large amounts of targeted traffic. There are many niche forums that rank within the top 5000 Alexa ranked sites in the United States and in the world. These sites are all based on a simple format that has become old and dated since the creation of the social internet. Just as websites have evolved to include the social elements of the internet, forums are facing the same evolutionary process.

The new forum is a niche social network that has a the standard forum, but also comes with a community blog, extended profile, and advanced messaging capabilities. These niche network allow their members to login with their Facebook and Twitter account. Everything they do can be shared immediately through the other primary social media channels that almost everyone is now part of. More and more businesses are choosing to bypass the old forum and create a niche community that can deliver more for the members of their community and their business.

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