Diving in El Gouna, Egypt

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The town of El Gouna is situated along Egypt’s Red Sea coast which is known for its wonderful diving and snorkeling that attracts millions of scuba divers each year . Furthermore , the area is also recognized for its amazing beaches, safe warm waters and close proximity to such major cities as Luxor and Cairo.

While the resorts in El Gouna offers fourteen hotels, none with less than a three star rating, it also offers completely safe diver training programs in its own facilities and lagoon. This insures that all divers are professionally trained and prepared to deal with the sometimes difficult conditions of the Red Sea.

The Dive Training

Most scuba divers in training at El Gouna, Egypt will experience the facility’s heated pools and calm quiet reefs before heading out into the open waters. Entire groups can receive all inclusive training for diving in El Gouna, which can even include “junior” diving training and snorkeling programs.

Diving in El Gouna is also available to anyone with limited mobility or physical handicaps, with specialized trainers and equipment available to all who inquire. Actually , El Gouna has 3 resorts capable of training and diving with physically challenged tourists .

The Underwater Sites

After receiving training and certification for diving in El Gouna, vacationers have exclusive accession to sites no other members of the public can view. This is due to the El Gouna property’s private purchase and investment in the area’s waters, all in cooperation with the Hurghada Environment Protection Agency. The arrangement allows for no more than 3 boats at any particular site, and which results in a far superior experience as well as preservation of the reefs and wildlife habitat.

Syul Kebira

The most popular sites for diving in El Gouna are Syul Kebira, which in addition to its private access to El Gouna residents only is also just far enough off shore to be unpopular with visiting scuba divers .

This allows for a wonderful secret to be kept on the north side of the island, which is the location for one of the most well preserved and beautiful reefs in the entire region. It is teeming with virtually every fish imaginable, and is also a nursery location for many of the same creatures, with juvenile morays and banded pipefish everywhere. It is also home to the super rare leopard shark, deep sea rays and sunfish.

Dolphin House

Another tremendously popular dive site is Dolphin House, which is just as it sounds, home to an tremendous number of dolphins. Many lucky vacationers actually enjoy the company of the resident pod of Bottlenose Dolphins during their visit, and some even get to catch a glimpse of the other unique inhabitants of the reef, including turtles and hard coral gardens.


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