Niche dating sites helping people find love online

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DENVER – People hoping to find love this Valentine’s Day have a plethora of places to look, if they’re willing to go online.

In fact, online dating is now the second most popular form of matchmaking in the United States.

While many larger dating sites advertise their services extensively, experts say just because the site is well known doesn’t mean it’s the best place for everyone to find love. They say for some people, niche dating sites focusing on a specific hobby, lifestyle, or belief system can be effective as well.

“The niche sites became more popular because you know like-minded people. Of course then there started to become niches for everything. You know, religions, races, skateboarders, star trek fans,” Jerry Miller, founder of, told 9NEWS. is a niche dating site geared specifically towards people that live in rural areas, such as farmers and ranchers.

Miller says nearly 60 million people in the United States and Canada live in rural areas which can have limited size dating pool.

“If you live in New York City you walk out your front door and there are 10,000 people within a few blocks. But when you live out in rural areas people already know everybody and if you haven’t found your match in your small community then what do you do?” Miller said.

He says the site has helped thousands of people connect and offered advice to anyone looking for love, regardless of the online dating site they’re using to find it.

According to when filing out an online dating profile it’s important to:

1. Be specific. For example, replace “love the outdoors” with “love fishing.” And then explain why.

2. Show how you’re unique and lovable. Write about your quirky talents. For example, you winning the local barbecue contest could be a great conversation starter.

3. Don’t exaggerate. Good relationships are always based on the truth. Don’t say that you’re an avid reader when you just enjoy reading the newspaper from time to time.

4. Write like you talk. Read your profile out loud to make sure it sounds true to who you are. Your distinctive voice is the key to attracting your match.

Miller says it’s important to upload a photo. He says many online daters refuse to even look at a profile that doesn’t include one.

However he says the most important tip is for the dater is to simply be themselves.

“There is somebody for everybody,” Miller said. “You never know if they’re thirty miles away, fifty miles away, or three states away.”

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