From cat lovers to salad toppings: 17 weirdly niche dating sites

morning on today’s relationships, the business of dating. whether it’s a website, professional matchmaker or app, there are more options than ever for those looking for love. they don’t have to play the
dating game
. we have national correspondent
amy robach
who’s taken a closer look at ways people are playing cupid these days.

that’s right. it’s an industry approaching $2 billion a year in revenue fuelled by 30 million people who have taken the search for romance
. a big chunk of that has come to be known as niche dating. once we counted on finding a mate at church, at work, at happy hour.
online dating
has changed that and connected people who wouldn’t have met any other way. tempted by trekkies? fantasize about farmers? maybe you’re an adulterer. there are plenty of those
. or maybe you’re into riding.

horses are my passion.

in north oak, california,
keeps lucy and shadow.

i have dated outside of the realm of horse owners and they don’t get it.

she wants a man who shares her passion. so she turned to equestrian today,
is going on a first date with
john paulson
who is excited about meeting a boots-wearing, ranch-loving woman like her.

great to meet you.

nice meeting you. i love your hair.

thank you. are you ready for a ride? i love your
blue eyes

thank you.

of the hundred top dating sites more than half target narrow interests. no one knows how many niche sites there are. they can spring up and disappear overnight. the fastest growing group of
daters is boomers.

really involved, scary.

yeah. i moved my dog in.

aging boomers
jack daniel
and hannah hogan have no plans for a quiet retirement. they met through — where else?

much better to go on a niche site. a lot less work sorting through thousands of people. why not narrow it down?

i see ourselves having a lot of fun until the day i die. i’m so connected with this girl it’s unreal. if i was to order something from god it would be this girl.


and john’s date didn’t have quite the same result. they share a love of horses. just not enough human chemistry.

we’re now riding
into the sun

yes, indeed.

there are a
hundred million
singles in the u.s. and, for now, these two will remain among them. unfortunately no luck there for john and
, but there’s been a change in how daters connect and a the internet may soon become the most used way to find a mate leaving millions of daters hoping luck might be, ann, just a click away.

very cute. listen, there has been a sig ma attached to dating
with so many people now using
sites to date. what’s happened to that stigma?

it’s melting away. if you think of the numbers. 30 million
daters now out of 100 million singles in mrk. a third of all people go
to find their mate. the stigma is quickly eroding. one of the fastest growing generations of people
online dating
, 55 and older.

what stood out for you as you watched the process?

what was interesting is the science that goes into some of the websites, the algorithms., e-harmony hire mathematicians, scientists, and put together what they call the
secret sauce
where they know exactly what you want, what you say you want and what you actually want when you go
. you have an algorithm formulated to find that person. they can’t predict love but they say they can predict like. then you have the opportunity to find love through like.

good to know there is science behind this. amy, thank you so much. see more of the full report, love at first byte, the secret science of
online dating
, tomorrow at
9:00 p.m
. eastern and pacific on cnbc.

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