New ‘mobile’ church finds niche in service

Vista Community Church members’ service to the community “is in our DNA, because it’s in God’s,” says Worthington site pastor Brian Coffey.

Members of the new church handed out water and cheered runners at the Gary Smith Classic, set up tables and served free hot chocolate and coffee during the Worthington Christmas tree lighting, and recently donated a slew of cereal boxes to the Worthington Food Pantry.

“We have relationships and connections that are global, local and in our neighborhoods, which we intend to maintain and support,” Coffey said. “Since we are a non-programmatic church, we come alongside folks within Vista who are currently serving in ministries, rather than starting new ones.”

The new Worthington church is multifaith and “mobile,” Coffey said.

The congregation meets at 9:15 a.m. Sunday at the Marcus Crosswoods theater, 200 Hutchinson Ave., and does not have plans to construct a building.

In fact, the Crosswoods location could change in six months, so stay tuned, Coffey said.

“We like to say our buildings are in Kenya and Cambodia,” he said. “We are supporting church planting along with a pastor there and an orphanage in Phnom Penh. As a missional church, by not building church buildings here, we are able to contribute a significant portion of our budget to local and global missions.

“Vista launched in Dublin five years ago this month,” he said. “We expanded our church to two locations with the launch of Vista Worthington last October. We think of ourselves as one church with two services in two different locations.”

Coffey said the church is nondenominational, encourages casual dress, features contemporary worship music and is open to all.

“While we understand the word parishioner, we would more likely use attendee, as we have a different view of membership at Vista,” he said. “It is not so much signing a document as making a relational commitment, one in which a person commits to and shares our values of worshipful, relational and missional service and who commits to following Jesus as their savior.”

Attendee Kristy Pinschenat said she and her husband had been praying for a church such as Vista to come to Worthington.

“We love the community feel that Vista has and how they desire to serve the people of Worthington with God’s love,” she said. “We love that.”

Coffey said Worthington has seen a demographic change.

“Younger families are moving back,” he said. “The appeal of a community church like Vista, one that is truly community focused, aligns with their values and desires to be part of a community.

“Vista is a bit different than most churches — we value simplicity,” he said. “We are non-programmatic; we come together to worship and follow Jesus as best we can and take his love out to the community, rather than keeping it within the church walls. We are a multisite faith community focused on transformation and trying, at a very practical level, to live at the intersection of Jesus and real life.”

Coffey said Vista stresses to “love our neighbors as ourselves.”

“We won’t try to fix you or make you follow a set of rules,” he said. “We want you to feel warmly welcomed and accepted as you are — expect people to say ‘hi’ and ask to learn more about you.

“We seek to live out our faith with others in a way that helps improve the lives around us,” he said. “We are to be a people who give away what we have been given, to bless others because we have been blessed.”

Coffey said he encourages people to check out the Vista website, The church also is on Facebook at and [email protected]

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