Client wins see Dunlop fly into niche sector

Published on Thursday 26 January 2012 06:00

Property and rating consultancy Dunlop Heywood has created a new niche for itself after taking on a raft of new clients from the aviation sector.

Director Stuart Hicks will represent seven airports/authorities, including the Dublin Airport Authority. He will be responsible for rating advice and appeals. Other new clients include Newcastle International, Blackpool International, Manchester City and Norwich. They will be dealt with by teams in Leeds and Manchester.

Mr Hicks said: “Airports are very unique in how they operate.

“They are like mini cities in their own right, with their own tax systems, shopping malls, restrictions, laws and emergency services based on site.

“Until recently many airports were owned by local authorities and have been transferred into the private sector; many complex issues surrounding processes and procedures have been inherited as part of that transition.”

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