Niche Social Network for Oil Refiners Filling a Void?

The rapid growth of, a social network geared towards oil refining professionals, proves that sites focused on a narrow user base can still add intrinsic value.

New Orleans, LA (PRWEB) December 28, 2011

Within 3 weeks of its public launch, RefinerLink has piqued the interest of visitors from over 70 different countries. As another social network among the hundreds already in existence, what differentiates RL is the ability to appeal to a niche, but extremely active, network of professionals around the world. Look for an integrated profession more global than that of the oil industry and you will find none. With the basic principles of refining oil consistent from one country to the next, professionals within this sector have a compelling need engage with colleagues across the world.

From refinery technical forums, to peer advice on managing the soft issues of life as a refiner, the RL platform offers a concentrated wealth of relevant information un-paralleled by any other petroleum industry service. While still maturing, RefinerLink has already established partnerships with prominent organizations in a shared effort to better serve the downstream oil community. For 2012 RL proudly announces affiliation with Euro Petroleum Consultants (EPC) in support of their Middle East Technology Forum and Russia CIS Executive Summit events. RefinerLink representatives indicate that they are also currently collaborating with several other petroleum organizations as well to expand and establish their global influence.

As a site focused on delivering value to users, RL seeks to leverage rapid membership growth and quality alliances with global petroleum organizations to transform a traditionally conservative industry of unengaged professionals into a strong community of active contributors. While a niche professional networking site such as RefinerLink may have hopes of proliferating in the petroleum industry, the real question out there is if other sectors can follow suit – if so, will this change the current strategy of mass networking sites such as LinkedIn?

About RefinerLink:

Headquartered in New Orleans, LA, RefinerLink was created to unite the downstream oil community in ways that can accelerate growth and improvement in the overall industry. From news and industry event listings, to job postings, employee surveys, and community forums, RefinerLink offers a one-stop shop for Refiners around the world to connect and efficiently leverage communal knowledge.


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