Research firm hired to help Vallejo find regional economic ‘niche’ – Vallejo Times

Vallejo officials are about to launch a concerted effort to find the city’s regional “niche.”

Economic Development Director Ursula Luna-Reynosa is about to begin building a playbook that would give Vallejo a step-by-step plan to earn a competitive advantage in attracting new business and jobs.

In a vote earlier this week, the Vallejo City Council green-lighted the hiring of consulting and research firm RDA Global Inc. for a five- to seven-month process at a cost of up to about $46,000. Funds for the project were approved in the 2011-2012 city Economic Development Department budget.

Luna-Reynosa said before the meeting that RDA Global was chosen not only for its qualifications, but also because of its unique proposal to pair with Development Counselors International. The partner firm specializes in “marketing places,” Luna-Reynosa said.

The several-phased economic development project will launch in late January or early February, Luna-Reynosa said, and start finding the “path of least resistance to attracting business to the community.” Phase two will involve finding ways to implement development plans by effectively using the city’s limited resources, she added.

Most importantly, the economic development plan must not be created simply to sit on a shelf, Luna-Reynosa said. The project’s final phase will include a detailed timeline of next steps for the city, she said.

As the newly hired consultants begin their research and outreach, Luna-Reynosa

said she expects to provide the City Council with a larger presentation on the project’s scope, with a chance for receiving public input.

For more information on the project, contact Luna-Reynosa at (707) 648-4382 or by email at [email protected]

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