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My-space has become a dirty word lately thanks to many investigatory reports into the dark underbelly of the popular site.  Most neglect to mention the potential that My-space has for musicians.  From booking tours, finding like minded independent artists website, producers and supporters, My-space can be a gold mine if tapped properly. reveals many of these possibilities.

The ease and simplicity of the site which makes it so appealing also creates a cesspool of spur of the moment pages that take much too long to wade through.  There are a few key points that a user can focus on to determine whether or not the My-space page is of a legit band, venue, or booking agent and not waste time trying to contact someone who may not exist or be worth the effort.

The first important aspect to check is the Last Login.  If the person has not logged in for over a month then the odds are that they will not any time soon.  No good contacted someone if they never check their page.

The next thing to check on a band page is if they have any shows listed.  How legitimate is a band if they have no shows listed?  Now it is true that they may be recording or taking a break, but the more shows a band has shows how serious they are about their service music and their career.

Another important legitimacy check is the band info on the page.  If the group does not have a band website posted then something is wrong.  Using a My-space page as the band webpage is extremely unprofessional and shows how serious the band is.  Not much effort is needed to create a site, even a free website such as Angel fire, independent from My-space dedicated solely to the artist.  Serious musicians will have their own website.

Slightly less important aspects to look for on a band My-space page include how the page itself is presents.  My-space page editor can be handy for those unfamiliar with HTML, but often the editors are used to make gaudy graphics and unreadable text and page layout.  The purpose of the page is to get your information across to readers not to confuse with unnecessary bells and whistles.  Edited My-space pages could be another indication of just another whim page.

An overlooked feature of the band My-space page is the friend page.  Most think the more friends that a band has is an indicator to the true popularity and talent level of the group.  The friend count on a My-space page actually can mean little more than the owner of the page spent a great amount of time adding other users to their friend list.  Most My-space users rarely refuse a friend request, hoping to look even more appealing in the eyes of their cyber peers.  Be wary of the band with 3000 friends but no shows listed.

My-space is a great tool.  A quick check of the page will help you determine if the artist would make a great contact.  If the group has a website listed and a fair amount of shows posted then signs look good to drop them a line.  Always remember to be polite and complimentary when first making contact.  You want the independent artist to think you are a contact worth contacting.

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