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Surfbreak Rentals Listing in Nicaragua

” The ultimate surf destination website for all your needs!” Timmy Reyes, professional surfer and world traveler.

San Francisco, California (PRWEB) December 01, 2011

Surfbreak Rentals publicly announced their new travel website this month, which is dedicated to helping traveling surfers find great places to stay near the world’s best surf breaks and beaches. The entire site design and navigation is based on more than 1500 global surf breaks, which makes the first vacation rental site that allows users to search for accommodations based on specific beaches and surf breaks.

Surfbreak Rentals has already attracted over 1500 property listings and sparked a buzz among surf communities worldwide. Their rental coverage in certain hard-to-navigate surf destinations, like Nicaragua, is already among the best in the world. And properties are rapidly filling in around other top surf breaks and beaches as the word spreads about this long overdue travel resource.

A New Tool for Casual Beach-Goers and Professional Surfers Alike

Surfers have a knack for finding the best beaches, often years before the rest of the world. This makes Surfbreak Rentals an incredible resource for anyone looking for that perfect rental near one of the world’s most famous or most undiscovered beaches. Surfbreak currently has listings for homes, condos, BBs, surf camps, hostels and hotels, so there are options for travelers on any sort of budget. There is also a section to list Local Services, where traveling surfers find things like rides, local hang outs, and after surf activities.

As helpful as Surfbreak Rentals is for everyday beach-goers, the site was originally designed for traveling surfers, so this is where the site really shines. Professional surfer and world traveler Timmy Reyes jumped onboard to help promote the site as soon as he was introduced to it, calling Surfbreak “the ultimate surf destination website”. Renowned big wave surfer Peter Mel had a similar reaction once he saw the site; “After all my years of traveling to the globe’s premier surf destinations, wishing I had an effortless tool for accommodations, here it is finally – a rental site dedicated to the world’s best surf breaks.” Professional surfer and traveling dad Ken “Skindog” Collins said it most succinctly of all; “That site is sick!”

This sort of feedback is incredibly important to the Surfbreak Rentals crew because the company views the professional surfing crowd as some of the most critical and demanding in terms of their travel needs. Pro surfers are always searching for a great place to stay near the next big swell or contest, and they often have to make their travel arrangements at a moment’s notice.

A Valuable Resource for Coastal Property Owners – and Currently Free to List

Surfbreak Rentals has proven to be extremely attractive to coastal property owners and managers because it provides them a platform to showcase the unique location of their property to a targeted user base that is already looking for exactly what they have. With ‘beach rentals’ making up the single largest category in the vacation rental market, it is often difficult for a home with a prime location near a great beach to stand out amongst the flood of other rentals in their area, at least until now. Initial feedback from property owners is that they are receiving fewer inquiries, but more bookings, from their Surfbreak Rentals listings compared to their listings on other vacation rental sites, which is a testament to Surfbreak’s active and targeted user base. Property owners have also enjoyed an incredible deal so far, as they can still list a property for free on, which is a $300+ value on other vacation rental sites.

Founder Matt Belden Explains the Idea Behind the Site

“I’ve always dreamed of a super user-friendly site that let me search for rentals by surf break rather than region or city, because finding a great place to stay is a challenge on almost every surf trip I take. For example, a lot of people know the surf spot Colorados in Nicaragua, but not many would know to search for rental listings in the Tola Province. So with Surfbreak Rentals we’ve streamlined this clunky search process by building the whole site around specific surf breaks. It’s a simple twist, but it makes all the difference in the world to people that care first and foremost about the beaches or surf breaks they’re traveling to.”

About Surfbreak Rentals

Surfbreak Rentals was founded by a group of Northern California surfers with a passion for traveling and technology. After years of struggling to find great places to stay near their favorite surf breaks while on the road, they finally decided to do something about it by creating Their long-term goal is to also help localize the tourism industry, by making it easier for travelers to connect directly with the communities they visit instead of getting stuck in tourist traps. Surfbreak Rentals currently operates out of the back of one of their local surf shops, Proof Lab, located in Mill Valley California.

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