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(NAPSI)—With approximately 14 million Americans struggling to find employment
in the current economy, according to recent research by Inavero, 84 percent say
it’s more stressful than moving to a new home, and for 90 percent, it’s more
stressful than planning a wedding—but you can get yourself out of such

While general job boards, staffing firms and social networks are great ways
to connect with potential employers, an often overlooked opportunity for job
hunting is within the niche space. Career experts advise tapping into niche job
sites, which offer listings based on industry or location or may center around
the level of skill of the particular job seeker those companies are trying to
reach. There are various niche websites, for example, in the medical, retail and
technology industries, as well as websites entirely devoted to entry-level or
retiree positions.

LF0453.gifThe big trend today in job hunting is toward specialized searches.

“One of the most common themes we see in job seeker success stories is
actively searching every day and utilizing all resources available to you,” says
Rosemary Haefner, Vice President of Human Resources at
CareerBuilder. “Niche sites are an important part of the equation.”

Where can you find your niche? Consider these sites:—connects
employers with college students and recent graduates seeking internships,
part-time jobs and entry-level positions.—caters to
management- and executive-level candidates in the market for higher-level
everything from sales associate to general manager positions for retail
organizations.—is geared toward
experienced IT and engineering professionals looking for full-time employment.—offers
a wide range of jobs in the health care field, from nursing to allied
health.—specializes in
full-time and part-time restaurant and food service jobs.—is dedicated to
mature workers and retirees in the market for part-time, full-time and contract
positions.—puts Hispanic job
seekers in front of employers who are looking to hire diverse talent.—connects
African-American job seekers with employers who are targeting diverse
workers who are exploring new career paths to search more than 7,000 degree
programs at top schools.

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